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We are a family owned and operated corporation with fifteen years of experience in the repossession industry. Josh Cotham, my husband, is the owner/operator; he began his career, in the world of vehicles, as a salesman for a local dealership. As he progressed in that career, he was approached by the business owner, with an opportunity to also handle the repossession of the vehicles, where the financial obligations had not been met by the buyer. He quickly realized he wanted to make vehicle recovery his full-time career. Within just a few years, we purchased our first wrecker and he began building our clientele base. While he continued to work full time as a car salesman, he also was burning the midnight oil repossessing vehicles for his own clients. Three years ago our growth allowed us to purchase our second wrecker. Our growth has been the product of an abundance of hard work and devotion, on the part of myself and my husband, to provide superior service for our clients and to continue to grow our business. We are highly motivated and determined to provide the highest quality work possible in the recovery industry.


We work with all manner of financial institutions nationwide. Our business relationships include a variety of establishments such as credit unions, buy here/pay here car lots, title loan companies, large finance companies, banks, law firms, and pawn shops. While we may not be the largest repossession company out there, we are definitely at the top with regards to locating and recovering your collateral in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves in providing great customer service along with striving to build great working relationships with all of our clients. We currently are primarily servicing all of Middle Tennessee and North Alabama but, we have no firm borders as to where we will go to recover your collateral; we are always happy to discuss new opportunities!

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